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Dulu pernah guna syampoo ni sebab terpikat dengan baunya yang wangi. Seriously sangat-sangat wangi. Ada yang baru ni rasa macam nak try la pulakk. :)


What’s the current “Trend”?
Does this sound familiar to you? “I’m having a bad hair day!“? I’m pretty sure many of us finds that a great hair day always begin with feeling fresh, having smooth manageable hair. At the same time, it is not enough for your hair to just look good but to also smell great! It goes without saying that the first thing most people do when purchasing shampoo is to unscrew the cap and smell it. We are pretty sure most of you do!
A signature hair scent enhances your overall beauty regime and attractiveness. Imagine someone approaches you and points out on how good your hair smells, we are pretty sure that will be a confidence and also self-esteem boost to many of you.
However, environmental factors such as wind, rain or humidity, the smog and even office air can pose a challenge to achieving smooth, scented hair. Trying to find ways to make hair look great and smell good all day can be hard! We have heard you and therefore, we came up with a solution!
Introducing the “Secret”
Building on its commitment towards aroma and texture of hair, Herbal Essences introduces two variants:  (1) Smooth series for dry and unruly hair and (2) Moisture series for damaged hair. Our point of pride is to deliver a product that is Naturally-inspired: The secret for lasting smoothness, moisture and great smelling hair is in Herbal Essences’ naturally-derived formulation.
Herbal Essences uses naturally-derived ingredients such as palm oil, coconut oil and  rapeseed oil. With a sweet and gentle  Rose scent, Herbal Essences Smooth works on stiff, dry and unruly hair. It helps to  achieve sleek, smooth-to-touch and soft hair and at the same time, maintains fragrance all day.
During daytime, our hair is pulled,  teased and dried through combing and  heat from the hairdryer. To maintain  the smoothness of hair, it’s important  for treatment ingredients to repair  and protect hair. New Herbal Essences contains a high concentration of beauty essence ingredients that will remain with your hair. As it conditions the surface of the hair smoothly, the smooth-to-the-touch feeling will last all day long.
With a soft and creamy floral  scent, Herbal Essences  Moisture provides high concentrated and beauty essences that repairs hair  weakened by color, perms and styling. it is also important to seal the nutrients to keep an healthy and moisture despite humid weathers.
To users who are particularly scent obsessed, fret not! Herbal Essences pursues  long-lasting fragrance on hair with its new range, scented similarly to fine  perfumes. Therefore, worries not! We assure you that the scent will last you all day long!
Touchable Smooth Shampoo
Sweet and gentle rose” starts with refreshing top notes of sparkling citrus, sweet peach and apple, a mixture of juicy raspberry and pineapple, followed by a floral bouquet middle note of pink rose, freesia, jasmine, lily of the valley and lily. In order to bring to mind natural, fresh and plant-based imagery, chamomile and green leaf are added as an accent. The base note of natural and smooth moss-like velvet and rich sandalwood along with subtle amber and musk complements the middle note..
Touchable Moisture Shampoo
Soft and creamy floral” fragrance incorporates freshly picked apricot and the peel of peach,added to the scent of Osmanthus in ice green tea with accents offloating ice cubes. The top note gives out the image of fruit delicately melted into freshly brewed green tea, going down to the middle note that is like the sigh of a white and small Osmanthus flower, before gradually moving onto the base notes ofapricot, musk and woody accents.
With Herbal Essences’s wide range of scent, we are sure that the product will manage to meet most consumer’s preference!
The Sweet Scent-sational Experience
Sweeten your shower experience and enjoy delightfully fresh scented hair everyday with Herbal Essences. Not only does it lend a touch of smoothness to otherwise unruly strands, the sweet floral fragrance of Herbal Essences lasts on hair all day, making you feel great all the time. Indulge your senses by diving into the sweet scents of Herbal Essences Smooth or Moisture. You’re bound to have a few admiring heads turning in your direction every time you flick your ponytail!

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