24 Weeks~

10:28 AM

Baby Info

With all the rapidly developing senses in your baby, he should probably be able to sense what is upside down or right side up.

Your baby's respiratory system is also rapidly growing, lungs are developing in preparation for breathing, moving amniotic fluid in and out of the lungs. For now your baby still gets oxygen through your placenta.

Body Info

Your uterus is roughly two inches above your bellybutton. Around this time your medical practitioner may perform a glucose screen test to check for gestational diabetes which affects around 10% of all pregnant women. It can be a risk to you and your baby if left untreated. Gestational diabetes can make vaginal delivery difficult, causing a longer labor due to the baby's larger size, or it might make caesarean delivery required. However, the good news is that this condition often dissapears for most women after pregnancy.


Berat badan sekarang ni semakin cepat naik. Mengingat me pada kenangan me masa sekolah menengah dulu. Bukanlah maksudnya me pregnant masa tu. Grrrr! Tapi mengingatkan me pada kegemukan me. Hahaha. Seyes me gemuk masa sekolah menengah dulu. But now me berat sebab mengandung so takde la me risau sangat.

Next week is my monthly checkup. Hope berat tak bertambah lagi la. Takut gak if bertambah sebab takmo disuruh minum air gula. Seram wooo! Huhuhu. Ramai kata tak sedap. Tapi yang tak sedap tu air gula kat KK. Diorang kata kat private siap ada perasa anggur lagi. If disuruh minum air gula ni rasanya boleh tak amik kat private? Hohoho.

Baby semakin hari semakin membesar. Syukur alhamdulillah. Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya. Syukran Ya ALLAH.. :)

p/s : Teringat-ingat masa hubby first rasa baby gerak. Siap terkejut lagi. Hehehe. Rindunya ~

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