23 Weeks~

12:39 PM

Baby Info

Your baby is probably quite active by now and you should be able to feel movements or kicks in your belly. It might even be possible to see movements on the surface of your skin.

Overall, your baby is now more proportioned from head size to the rest of the body and is looking more and more like a newborn.

Body Info

In preparation for labor, your uterus may begin to practice by exercising its muscles. Around this time some women experience warm-up contraction better known as Braxton Hicks contractions or false labor. These contractions are irregular and vary in intensity. Contact your medical practioner if you have any concerns.


Lagi seminggu nak masuk bulan ketujuh dah. Wah.. Dalam tak sedar tu. Baby pun dah semakin besar, perut pun semakin menampakkan diri. But still bagi orang yang tengok, kecik jep. Hohoho. Comel ape. Ahaks!

Keaktifan baby makin terserlah bila nampak perut seperti berombak. Me selalu tanya baby sambil usap perut,, "Baby tengah buat apa kat dalam tu?" Ada balasan. Maybe dia nak btau ummi dia ni yang dia tengah main. Hehehe. Baby dah rajin bagi tindak balas bila me usap perut. Alhamdulillah. :)

Bila bangun subuh, me kejut baby sekali. Hehehe. Sian baby kena kacau ngan ummi kan? 

p/s : Weeeee~ Malam ni baby dapat jumpa ayah. Ummi pun rindu ayah jugak. *blushing*

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