Today is 27th December 2011

11:24 AM

13 Weeks, 6 Days
2nd Trimester
184 more days!

Baby Info

Up until now, your baby's head has been proportionally larger than the rest of the body. But around this time your baby's body will start to catch up and grom more proportional to the head.

If you could peek inside your womb, you could see your baby's motor skills starting to work. Your baby is able to move and flex the arms and legs, but you won't be able to feel this movement until later.

Body Info

Your risk of miscarriage is greatly reduced as you enter your second second trimester. You'll also feel some relief in the next few weeks as the morning sickness symptoms begin to wane and you get a bit of an energy boost. Many women take advantege of this time to make preparations for the baby.


Skang ni,, kebanyakan baju kurung me tak boleh nak pakai dah. Huhu. Even baby tak besar mana pun lagi but kain baju kurung dah sempit terutama kat bahagian pinggang. Sesak nafas nak pakai. So,, start ari ni,, me dah mula pakai maternity cloths g ofis. Hehehe. Segan juga actually but dari rasa sesak nafas and tak selesa,, apa salahnya kan. Bagi keselesaan juga pada baby yang nak membesar dalam womb tu. :)

p/s : Takde pengalaman beli baju peknen =.=

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