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8:52 PM

Sundays' leaving and Monday coming~

waaaa...dun feel happy to face another Monday...why? MySpace ~shhh...another secret~

how long can i bear with this kind of life? i dun really know...there's owez a way out but to get there,, need to gain a very tough mindset and courage...did i have it?MySpace this is another thing that i'm not really sure about...

sometimes feel like wanna MySpace  or  MySpace but is it right? huhuhuhuhu...what a very childish mind kan... ?! feel shame for it but daaaMySpace...

have to face and bear it as long as i can...am i a loser  MySpace if i juz gave up? yes!! that's why i shouldn't fear whatever that loser might did for now or in the future...juz pay attention and be much more carefull with his plan or whatever he call it...

1 fine day hope that someone might think what have he done before...but,, will he?aaaahhhhh!! dun care...GTH with him!! d**n s****e

right now,,lets MySpace what we are doing...

p/s : ya..ya ja Me speaking kan...ntah betul ntah salah...ayat tunggang langgang...ahaks!! ni if cikgu english Me baca,, confirm nanges...lalalala MySpace

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